Therapy Sessions 

How does a therapy session take place?

Les séances de thérapie sont des séances ouvertes durant lesquelles vous amenez le sujet qui vous concerne.
In therapy, I also work with children and babies, as well as with animals. 

When is it useful to choose one or more sessions?

It is useful to use this format when you want to tackle one or more important topics sporadically and randomly. You are free on the number of sessions you need, as well as on the subjects brought to the session. 
During these sessions, I would put all my energy to help you become autonomous and independent.

L’objectif de ce travail, qui se fait ensemble, est de vous faire découvrir votre vraie valeur. Il est toujours intéressant de comprendre nos propres modes de fonctionnement afin que d’utiliser les bonnes techniques et devenir notre propre accompagnant bienveillant. Les séances se terminent par un soin en utilisant l’hypnose et le magnétisme de mes mains.

Put into practice 

Je propose des séances de 1h30, selon votre besoin et votre envie. Nous travaillons ensemble. Lors de ces séances nous utilisons différents techniques telles que, entre autres, la PNL, l’hypnose, la sophrologie, le magnétisme, afin d’avancer au mieux, avec vous. 

There is no preparation to do before or during the first session. The session takes place as in coaching: we are both in a seated position and we discuss the subjects that you bring to the session.


What is ThetaHealing®?

ThetaHealing® is an esoteric technique created by Vaiana Stibal. It allows practitioners to connect to the Big Whole, to the Universe. Thanks to this connection which is made in Theta waves, we develop extrasensory communication capacities. So we can talk to deceased people, animals, babies, plants ... More explicitly, this is direct communication with the soul. By developing our extrasensory abilities, we all have the ability to connect to them. 

When is it useful to practice ThetaHealing®?

When I practice ThetaHealing®, with verbal permission from the client only, I am in direct communication with their soul as well as with their Higher Self (the unconscious). In this way, we can work together on beliefs that come from childhood, past lives, or even that come from ancestors, and we can evolve the soul of that person, in love and kindness. We can also work on aches and pains in the body to help with healing. 

The goal of these sessions is to work on the internal processes of the client, on the different programming, on the external behaviors or on the limiting beliefs that often take over in our daily lives.

Putting your finger on one of them, or maybe more of them, helps to better understand how we work. This is how we can best let them go, and finally discover our true version of ourselves. Finding our real Self then allows us to become the best version of ourselves, and to find our own fulfillment.  

Put into practice 

ThetaHealing® is used in both coaching and support sessions. When this technique is used, I always inform the client beforehand. Verbal permission is essential for me to practice. 

Each session takes place at the client's pace, with kindness and patience. When I receive a message from your soul or your subconscious, it is because you are ready to receive it. This is why, conversely, information will not be sent to you if it is not yet the time for you to receive it.

Sex therapy

During the sessions, it is possible and open to slide towards a subject related to sex.

Sex therapy concerns couples, during sexual intercourse. It is also about one's own intimacy with oneself.

But also and above all, sex therapy helps after sexual trauma. Experiences of touching, rape and violence are still too taboo subjects. A trusting and open space is a great place to discuss these hurtful and traumatic topics.

However, it is possible to heal from these traumas: it is not a question of forgetting, far from it, it is a long road which brings us towards acceptance, towards forgiveness, towards forgiveness. to oneself. This is what I offer in these sessions, non-judgmental and smooth. There are several ways to follow this path such as hypnosis, Theta Healing, coaching, NLP, in order to overcome the event by learning to reconnect with yourself and your body.  


What is NLP?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming was created by Richard Bandler, a mathematician, a computer scientist and a psychologist, and John Grinder, a psychologist and a linguist, in the 1970s in the United States of America.

Programming : Inspired by computers and cybernetics, NLP explains that we encode all of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors like a computer does. We have conscious and unconscious automatic mechanisms that act like programs
Neuro : We receive and encode all the information using our neural system
Linguistic : language is code. It is he who structures our thinking and allows us to communicate verbally but also with our external behaviors.

When a positive and a negative intention present themselves at the same time, the brain systematically chooses the positive to erase the negative. I use NLP to build positive programs into my clients. When positive programs are put in place, the brain erases those that are negative, that is, those that prevent the client from accessing Well-being and self-realization. The practice is done by exercise while standing or sitting. Hypnosis techniques are also used where appropriate. 

When is it useful to practice NLP?

Deprogramming can be used in the context of great shyness. It can also be applied in the desire to quit smoking, alcohol or other substances.

Also, NLP is often used to overcome a phobia or a particular fear. Personally, I used NLP a lot in the creation of my company, to break down various blockages and fears.  

Put into practice 

NLP is used in both coaching and coaching sessions. When this technique is used, I always inform the client beforehand. 

Before any deprogramming, authorization is requested from the client verbally and clearly. Without customer permission, it is not possible to remove a program. It is always very important to check whether an external behavior, an internal state or an internal process is useful for the customer's environment. If so, then it will not be removed. 

It is possible to do the session in 1 hour for this type of work. It is still possible to book a 2 hour session. Each session takes place at the client's pace, with kindness and patience. After each session, exercises are offered to the client to continue his personal learning before the next session.

When this technique is used, I always inform the client beforehand. Verbal permission is essential for me to practice. 


Concretely, these sessions take the client to a modified state of consciousness.

Through my voice, through a number of visualization and relaxation exercises, I place my client in a state in which he will no longer be fully conscious, nor will he be asleep. The goal is to cut ourselves off as much as possible from the outside world and everything that comes to mind, to immerse us in a state of hyper-concentration, similar to a state of trance. It is then that I lead, gently and cautiously, the subject to enter into a dialogue with the client, or help him to find inspiring images in himself, without imposing anything on him, without giving him direction. pre-established.

This has the effect of reducing the importance of the symptoms of a certain number of pathologies, and of developing in the individual new behaviors, allowing him to put at a distance the reason for suffering, or even in some cases, solve. The goal is to see in the unconscious a reservoir of repressed, trauma, guilt.

Hypnosis also makes it possible to recognize one's own positive potentialities, skills, and to bring to the client the resolution of the problem which is already in the person himself. Hypnosis makes it possible, among other things, to reduce stress, anxiety, work on violence, experienced trauma, support mourning ...

Formation individuelle en développement spirituel

Durant ces journées de formation, je vous propose de vous aider au développement de vos capacités spirituelles. J’estime que nous avons tous nos capacités à communiquer avec l’invisible, quel qu’il soit. En utilisant mes dons médiumniques, je vous donne des conseils, des astuces, et des clés pour faire vos premiers pas dans l’ouverture de vos clairsens. 

Cette formation s’organise sur 6 mois à raison d’une journée par mois.

Ces journées sont un mélange entre la thérapie et l’apprentissage. J’utilise en effet les techniques de thérapie pour mettre en place un programme sur mesure. Et je le renforce avec l’accompagnement en retirant des blocages, des croyances limitantes. Le but de ses séances sont de vous donner les clés pour que vous développiez vos propres capacités tout en suivant votre propre rythme. 

I am not setting up a one-to-one course for spiritual development since we all use our clairsense in unique ways, for the simple reason that we are unique people.  

Formation de groupe en développement spirituel

These trainings are open to anyone curious to open up to the world of the invisible by opening their Third Eye. Whether it is to learn more about yourself with the help of the invisible or to help others with their own beliefs and blockages, these trainings allow you to have both theory and practice on this so mysterious universe.

There are three levels: Basic Level, Intermediate Level and Advanced Level.

I offer two formats:
- Face-to-face lessons, during the day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Each of the levels takes place once a month.
- Videoconference course: each level takes place 4 Thursday evenings for 4 weeks, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Between each level, a one-month break to practice on your own.

There is a limited number of 5 places: during these trainings, I use my mediumistic gifts to unlock the participants on beliefs and others in order to help at best, and in the rhythm of each one, at the opening of the or clairsens. In order to ensure a tailor-made and quality service, I limit to 5 participants.

Ateliers Thérapeutiques sur la Spiritualité

Je vous propose des ateliers thérapeutiques sur la Spiritualité à raison de 1 fois par mois. Durant ces ateliers de 2h, je vous fais une présentation sur le sujet en question. Puis, durant la 2ème heure, je fais des soins énergétiques sur mesure, et je prodigue des conseils et astuces pour votre quotidien.

Ces évènements sont accessibles via mes réseaux sociaux, Facebook, Linkedin, et Instagram.

Energy cleansing

Energy cleansing is a cleansing of presences, of souls. Indeed, it often happens that souls occupy our places of residence, of life, but they also have the capacity to come and surround our physical body. When these are souls with a lower energy vibration than yours, it can tire you out, or even create negative emotions that are not yours. During these cleanings, which can be done face-to-face or by video, we talk to this presence to make it leave and access plans that allow it to be more free.
When cleaning up on people, it can also be low energy emotions that remain in our morphogenetic field and prevent us from feeling better. It can happen after arguments or traumatic moments.
In all cases, the sessions take place with calm and good humor. I do not touch the body. It is really about communication of souls only.

Do you want to make an appointment?

I offer sessions at home, at my office or via Skype, do not hesitate to contact me for more information.