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« Je souhaitais vous écrire quelques lignes pour vous remercier. Je suis la formation en ligne « Ouverture de mes capacités médiumniques » depuis quelques semaines et je suis ravie de cette expérience. 
J’aime beaucoup votre méditation avec le nuage… J’arrive à me projeter, ce qui est très rare pour moi.
J’ai « ressenti » une fois, d’une façon très fugace, mon grand-père, ma chienne (décédés), et mon arrière-grand-père que je n’ai pas connu qui était barreur de feu et qui me disait que je pouvais, « qu’il me l’offrait »… C’est flou, et j’ai toujours l’impression que c’est mon ego et que ce n’est pas possible.
La deuxième fois, il y avait comme des présences transparentes avec des ailes (pareil à peine un quart de seconde !) qui m’ont prise par la main, et moi aussi j’ai eu l’impression d’avoir des ailes ! Et l’une d’elle m’a tendu un livre (ou un grimoire, ou un cahier..) que j’ai emporté dans mon nuage. Je l’ai laissé dedans.. Pareil mon ego me pourrit la vie par rapport à tous ses ressentis…
Je n’ai pas la possibilité de voir vos lives, mais je les regarde en replay.
Merci encore, j’espère progresser… »

J’ai vécu une expérience formidable avec Marion. Professionnelle, à l’écoute et avec des compétences solides, j’ai retrouvé grâce à nos séances une sérénité que je cherchais depuis trop longtemps. Il a juste fallu que je franchise une marche, celle de prendre un RDV, je me suis ensuite laissée guider, elle m’a donné la possibilité de trouver en moi les ressources nécessaires pour aller mieux.
Merci encore pour ce formidable accompagnement.
Elodie L.G.
Marion is an outstanding therapist. She has wonderful listening skills and has a multitude of tools in her pocket to accompany us as best as possible for us. I was able to take one of his trainings, which are just perfect for developing his spiritual potential !! Thank you for the help you gave me !! 🙏🏻 
Emeline Nicolas
Thank you Marion for appearing on my road like a star for your soft voice, you manage to make people understand, transmute blockages, emotions to transform them into strength, into light. 
You guided me, always connected to the other through your precious advice and various techniques, you managed to untie their emotional blockages, get rid of unnecessary weight that relieves me to move forward by being more free with yourself. 
You have the ability to see the differences that make each human being forces us to discover ourselves and to take us on the right path. 
Thank you for your humanity, your empathy, your gentleness and the love you radiate. 
South Africa
Marion accompanied me for a few months to achieve certain professional goals. 
This experience was more than enriching, Marion allowed me to know myself a little more, to overcome certain beliefs, and beyond allowing me to restructure my projects and achieve my goal, the support of Marion m 'allowed me to regain my self-confidence and feel stronger to continue. 
Marion is always very attentive, very available and involved in the development of everyone.
Thanks again ! 
The coaching sessions, I got there a bit by chance. But this meeting with Marion changed my life. Not only did she manage to push me past limiting caps, but she also revealed me to my inner self. 
Indeed, thanks to her intuition, her professionalism, her methods and her benevolence, she succeeds in pinpointing exactly the blocking points, in moving the borders in the right direction and in making us think and move forward in complete autonomy. For that, I am very grateful to him. And you will be too, without a doubt.
North of France
Understanding a new life!  
This is exactly how I felt after the session.
Marion is a special being with great kindness. Caring, gentle and respectful characterize this beautiful person.
The meeting gave me a real trigger on recurring situations and the opening to a new chapter in my life.
I met Marion during training. By simply sharing a personal anecdote, enriching, interesting, challenging, even therapeutic discussions followed! Each exchange is one more step in the discovery and knowledge of spirituality but above all in the knowledge of myself, my strengths and my resources, as well as my loved ones. This is just the start of a long journey in which Marion will have an important place. 
A beautiful meeting with a beautiful person who inspires confidence by his humble and sincere nature.
My session with Marion was very intense, a real journey to the heart of myself.
We revisited some of my most impactful past lives together, and I was able to understand where some of my fears came from. I was also able to identify the origin of some of my passions or my very pronounced tastes for such and such thing.
Without me telling her anything Marion was able to put words to some very intimate events in my life, she was able to "feel" what went through my soul. 
Her right words and her extreme sensitivity allowed me to see these events with new eyes. I was able to take a step back and overcome some of the suffering still present until then.
This experience was a real rediscovery of my deep “ME”, it was very rich in teaching! I understand better "WHO" I really am, I listen to myself and respect myself more.  
Thank you Marion for this wonderful trip and for all these discoveries that piqued my curiosity! I can't wait to be able to do another session with you 🙂
Bièvre, Belgique

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